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Our Core Values

The culture at Prism Health North Texas is built on our shared Core Values.  We make hiring, firing, promotion and performance review decisions based on these values and behaviors, so it is important that you also share these Core Values:
  • We are solution seekers.  The organization’s founders found solutions even during the AIDS crisis of the 80’s; we remain proactive, thrive on change, and always willing to take the lead.
  • We have a can-do attitude. We are flexible, agile, and never say, “It’s not my job.” We always seek growth, and we are never late but always willing to stay late to see the last patient.
  • We are mission driven. We are committed to health equity; recognize all contributions are meaningful and valued. It is never about the me or I, but about the we.
  • We care about people.  We celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion; we are kind and practice acts of kindness, all in service to our patients and each other.  

General Description:

The Chief Marketing and Development Officer (CMDO) will play a pivotal role in driving the growth and sustainability of Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) which is a community-based, nonprofit healthcare organization in Dallas, Texas. This dynamic leader will be responsible for marketing the recruitment of new patients, focused marketing efforts to reach new patients from demographics and communities not previously served by PHNTX, enhancing patient experience, optimizing the utilization of the organization’s pharmacy and other high-value services, and leading all philanthropic efforts. The CMDO will oversee all marketing initiatives, including those for specialized grant-funded programs targeted for key populations. This role requires a visionary approach to attracting new donors and innovative strategies for meeting measurable marketing goals. The CMDO will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer, interact closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, and collaborate with community stakeholders to foster strong relationships.


Specific Responsibilities of the Job:

  • Patient recruitment and retention.
    • Develop and implement marketing strategies to recruit new patients, with a focus on maintaining the organization's service recognition within the LGBTQIA community.
    • Expand the patient base to include low-income individuals needing primary care, pediatrics, and women's health services in targeted areas throughout Dallas, Texas.
    • Enhance patient satisfaction and experience through targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communications to patients through email, texts, portal messages, and social media.
  • Pharmacy and enabling services utilization.
    • Create and execute marketing plans to maximize the use of the PHNTX Pharmacy and other high-value services such as dental and behavioral health.
    • Analyze service utilization data to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.
    • Ensure key staff maintain the tools, resources, and understanding on how to promote pharmacy and related service utilization.
  • Philanthropy and fundraising.
    • Provide strategic leadership for the design and implementation of multi-year funding plans, capital campaigns, and corporate partnerships that support stewardship through giving campaigns, major gifts planning, and sustainability initiatives.
    • Revitalize the donor base and grow the donor/philanthropic network to reachable milestones.
    • Provide updates and reports to executive leadership and board members regarding key performance indicators for fundraising.
    • Track and ensure fund development goals are met or exceeded.
  • Organizational Marketing and Positioning.
    • Develops the overall brand strategy for the organization keeping in line with both the organization’s strategic and business plans.
    • Oversee all marketing efforts, including campaigns, events, and community engagement activities.
    • Manage the promotion of grant-funded programs and services tailored to key populations.
    • Develop and track measurable marketing and sales goals, devising solutions to achieve desired benchmarks while successfully managing costs.
  • Strategic Leadership and Collaboration.
    • Provide oversight and direction for the marketing and development team.
    • Collaborate with senior leadership, the Board of Directors, and community stakeholders to align marketing strategies with organizational goals.
    • Lead internal and external communications strategies and assist senior leadership with staff-wide communications.
    • Create and drive new initiatives, maintaining a focus on continuous progress and improvement.

Skills & Qualifications

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to create and implement innovative solutions for complex problems or projects.
  • Proficient in project management with a track record of successfully leading multiple projects.
  • Experience in developing and managing relationships with donors, stakeholders, and community partners.
  • Ability to interact effectively with the Board of Directors and senior leadership.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communications, or a related field. Advanced degree is preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years in a senior marketing and development role, preferably with a nonprofit organization, and at least 7 years in a managerial role overseeing marketing and development staff.
  • Proven experience in healthcare and healthcare marketing is preferred, but not required.
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